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In Rememberance

A Must See CLick here..( The Dash )


We who choose to surround ourselves
with lives even more temporary than our
own, live within a fragile circle;
easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps,
we would still live no other way.
We cherish memory as the only
certain immortality, never fully
understanding the neccesary plan....

--- Irving Townsend ---
"The Once Again Prince"


My Wonderful Mom..Dorothy Weidner..Feb 1927 - June 2012...Mom you are greatly Missed each and every were the best mom anyone could have.You were such a caring person and got along with everyone you met..Love you Mom forever and ever..


Pictured Above Valentine Candy Kisses...aka Putter...We Lost Putter during a C Section and she left us with 2 beautiful Blessings that we are bottle feeding at this time.( Junior & Bandit ).they were born March 12th...Putter will always be missed she was the best Freind I ever had truly she did everything with me..This was a very tragic loss for me and unecessary in my eyes..She left lots of memeories the kind were everywhere you look it reminds you of her..she went on my 4 wheeler with me she went in the truck with me always took those trips out to the barn with me all hours of the nite to check mares..Dont get me wrong I LOVE each and every animal we have here but none like I do Putter..Truly my best friend...LOVE you will always be missed and in my Thoughts and Prayers




TGI Friday 1991 - 2013....Friday was the BEST horse ever everyone got along with Friday and he was the King here over all the hroses and he wasnt even mean about it..they knew when he came it was time to ever find one like him again one of a kind..Gonna Miss you big guy..Hope you have forever green pastures to run in.....



APHA ...Harlans Dude...Harlan was one of a Kind he had the biggest personality he will be dearly missed and loved forever..April 1998 - May 2012..No horse will ever replace this big boy..we owned him since he was a yearling..everyone that came here noticed him first he really stood out in the crowd..May he be running in beautiful green pastures..

This page is dedicated to my very special sister Pamela Merril who we lost November 12th 2006..She is missed very much and will always be in our thoughts..and Hearts..She was like a second mother to me..She liked everyone and had a special place in her heart for flowers and the garden...She loved animals..Her favorite time of year was Christmas when she could share with everyone...We Love you Pam....





Dixie January 19th 2010 - November 9th will never be have given me a learning experience since the day you and your twin Sister Pixie hit the ground..this whole journey with twins and what you have gone through now has really been a experience and will never be forgotten...I Miss you little girl and am so sorry things went wrong..and hopefully you will find very green pastures now to have PEACE in...We love you Dixie....


We sadly lost Scooby to Colic on September 4th 2012...very sad to loose such a young horse something so tragic....he will be missed...


This page is also dedicated to Mr Bill Weidner my moms husband..We lost him on September 13th 2008...You are very much missed and thought about....We Love you Bill.....

Day is done,,Gone the sun,,from the lakes,,from the hills,,from the sky,,all is well,,safely rest,,GOD is nigh
Fading Light,,Dims the sight,,And a star gems the sky,,Gleaming bright,,From afar,,Drawing near,,Falls the night
Thanks and Praise,,For our days,,Neath the sun,,Neath the stars,,Neath the sky,,As we go,,This we know..GOD is nigh..


Kika Bear...My Rotty we miss her Dearly...We lost Kika on September 17th 2008..She was just short of 14 years old...We Love you Kika...

 Have a Great Day

If you want to make God laugh,
tell him your plans for the day.

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